Life, Love, and Passports

Fickle fan or steadfast supporter

I’ve been a fan of the beautiful game of football from as far back as I can remember. In a previous post I wrote about how I came to be an Arsenal supporter well the truth is I’m really just one of a large group of fans. You see I think that supporters shout about their team whether they’re up or down. They make every effort to watch their games and if an opportunity to watch them live arose they would not even consider the cost. Supporters are like family and stick around for life.

Now fans on the other hand tend to be less loyal when it comes to the welfare of their team. Verbal when there’s a victory absent during losses. Fans also find it very hard to see the bright side when confronted with dark days. I’ve recently started watching Arsenal play again but the disappointment can be so overwhelming that I usually promise never to watch another game. I know I’m so very fickle but that’s the response of a fan!

I have no intentions of becoming a supporter its way too much work. Fan for life!


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