Life, Love, and Passports

Crafts are fun…really!

I’ve never been much of an arts and crafts person which is quite sad because it can be quite therapeutic. I have however enjoyed puzzles and colouring books for the longest time. Once my girls got a tad older I realised it was a wonderful way to encourage their creativity and by older I mean once they could hold a crayon, paint brush and the cutest little animal shaped scissors.

Yesterday they got to experience some of their amazing work at a mini exhibition. We’ve all been working on some amazing elements for the story “room on the broom” and we got to see many of those elements come to life.
From green screen adventures resulting in us flying on a broom to life-size cutouts of my six-year Charis’ art. It was brilliant.

So all in all it was a brilliant afternoon of socializing with a dash of pride. I’m looking forward to many more days filled with awesome creativity!

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