Life, Love, and Passports

My child’s not perfect

Strange how life just carries on for many parents who have children who are just able to cope. I’ve never really given much thought to kids in my girls classes who may have difficulty learning. Of course we should praise our kids when they do well and perhaps even an occasional reward. My six-year-old is an excellent reader and loves new words so I’ve stopped rewarding her for doing exceptionally well in her spelling tests all she gets now is a “well done Charis”.

After watching the documentary my child’s not perfect I did feel quite sad for the families who have to cope with Tourette’s syndrome, autism,¬†mutism and attention deficit disorder. I have no doubt that they don’t want pity just understanding from people while they try to find a way to cope with a difficult situation. While I’ll never fully understand the dynamics of a family with a child who needs specialised care. I do know what it’s like to be a mother and wanting the absolute best for your child.

Children are a gift and while they come in different shapes and sizes one fact remains they are all very special.
Have you made a child feel special today?


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