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Celebrating good times

Life has a funny way of reminding us that we should enjoy each and every day! Sad though that this reminder more often than not follows the death of somebody who for some strange reason we thought would live forever.

My husband celebrated his birthday yesterday and one of the perks of having young children is that they just want to have a party. So we had a wonderful afternoon tea party with cupcakes hardly suitable for a grown man. He loved it and I’ve no doubt they loved it more.

Celebrations are not just for special occasions. Each day that you rise should be an occasion to be celebrated. It seems a weird thing to say but I’m so glad to be alive. I hope you will join me in my celebration of life!


The world is but a stage!

I’ve had the privilege of meeting many new people since arriving in England. Of course some are once off meetings, others acquaintances and some I count amongst my closest friends.
Anybody who knows me knows that I thrive on good honest conversation and a lively debate occasionally.
I’m not one who wears my heart on my sleeve but if the situation calls for it I will give more information if required.
Communication is a really complex tool! Give too much and you’re a blabber mouth. Say too little and you’re regarded as too secretive.

If I had a few wishes one would be for conversation to be based on complete honesty and understanding. In the meantime though as a self-confessed “overly extrovert” individual I have got to be a little more understanding when it comes to people who don’t view things and express them as I do!

So while the world is considered a stage everybody has got to be allowed to play their part as best they can.
Lights! Camera! Action!

Out with the old…in with the new

So today I walked into a hair salon and my instruction was simple. I needed my hair cut really short and I also needed to have no regrets in the morning. Obviously the morning hasn’t arrived as yet but for some unknown reason I am already filled with regret and dread. Now anybody who really knows me knows that I love to cut corners when it comes to my morning prep. Right now the options are all but gone. I’ll now be required to set aside hair styling time and that does not suit my clock chasing lifestyle!

The long and short of my story is that radical change does not come without its discomforts. On the other hand in a strange way I look forward to embracing my new adventure. Hair raising I’d say!

Domestic goddess

Now I’m no Martha Stewart or Nigella Lawson so I guess I can be forgiven for not always feeling like puffing cushions or preparing a meal fit for a king.
Today I stood ironing what felt like a truckload of laundry just a by-product of having three young princesses. I started wondering what would happen if I just let them wear their clothes creased because I’ve no doubt it would free up lots of time for me.

Domestic goddess or not these time-consuming duties like dishes, laundry and my old friend cooking are not going anywhere in my lifetime so I might as well get a grip and find a way to live in harmony with them.

So my journey to freedom from domestic chores shall continue although somehow I doubt I shall ever be free of this domestic yoke!

Counting blessings

I’m so grateful for my many wonderful blessings. When an opportunity presents itself to show your gratitude don’t delay…just do it. The time is always right to be thankful.

Gratitude is the best attitude – Author Unknown

Princess diaries

I’ve been following the story of a Londoner Katie Piper who was the victim of an acid attack by an ex boyfriend. He has since been prosecuted and jailed. Fortunately for her she had access to ground breaking treatments for burn victims. Since the attack she has undergone over one hundred operations. Katie is well and truly on the road to recovery. I’ve no doubt it will take much longer for her psychological wounds to catch up to the physical ones.

Domestic violence is so rife in modern-day society. It’s not just common people who fall victim to physical, verbal and psychological abuse. Since the Grammy awards and a win by Chris Brown the story of his vicious attack on his ex girlfriend has resurfaced. He was prosecuted and given a lengthy probation sentence. In my opinion it was a lenient sentence. He should have served jail time like other criminals do!

There is never an excuse for violence of any kind. Communication is the key.
Relationships are so complicated because they can bring you so much pleasure and as much pain. A certain level of maturity is needed and it seems quite clear that break ups cause some people to become irrational.

We all deserve to be treated like royalty. We’re too special to be treated any less. I don’t believe in fairy tales but I do believe you can choose the kind of life you want. Then perhaps the happily ever after will follow.

The greatest

Today Muhammad Ali celebrates his 70th birthday. I find it quite ironic that the sport which made him world-famous is now under serious scrutiny after a rather unfortunate incident between two British boxers in Munich. It’s usually said that there are two sides to every story. I’m just not sure what reason either of these boxers can come up with that will justify acting like hooligans. David Haye and Dereck Chisora are a  disgrace to their sporting code.

Much has been said about the boxers that has nothing to do with the sport. Chisora is a Zimbabwean born British boxer and it is quite shocking to see how many people are calling for him to be sent back to Africa. I’m just going to put those comments down to general ignorance and blatant racism.

Since arriving in the united kingdom I can’t help but notice the double standards particularly in sport. If you do well and excel you’re more than welcome to raise the British flag. Just ask Murray the tennis star the moment he is less than fantastic it is made very clear that he is Scottish. I’ve not heard one complaint about the five South African born cricketers who took England to the top of the cricket rankings. It’s just unacceptable to treat people in this dismissive way. By all means call for the banning of the sportsmen who’ve brought their sport into disrepute. It doesn’t have to be personal!

Where do broken hearts go?

Today Whitney Houston will be laid to rest. Sadly what should be a fitting end for someone whose music impacted so many lives will end with many unanswered questions. The rumour mill has been in overdrive since the shock announcement of her premature death. I guess that is the ultimate price to pay for fame. No privacy even in death.

A family has been left devastated and broken-hearted. I wonder if her songs which brought comfort to many will comfort them now?

We’re all in this together

People often speak about the suffering and plight of the less fortunate. You may not have money or other resources to save the whole world. The truth is that the hungry and oppressed will always be among us. However, that does not mean we shouldn’t try to make a difference.

Take a look around your community and see where you can make a difference. Then go and make a difference!

The joy of reading

It’s funny how you forget the early days of learning a skill. A bit like being annoyed with a learner driver because the truth is no matter how good you may be now you had to have learnt at some stage.
I’ve had to brush away the cobwebs of my memory in an attempt to remember the days when my grade one teacher Miss Redman taught me how to read Jack and Jill book one. Truth is I can’t imagine a time I needed to be taught to read. Alas that cannot be true because I was definitely not self-taught.

Once again I’m at a stage in my life when the importance of teachers is being highlighted. While parents do have quite a bit of homework to do you just can’t ignore the amount of work done in the classroom.
Gemma my four-year old is learning to read and the truth is that I just can’t wait for the fluency to kick in. Every time she gets her reading register out I just cringe when I think of every letter in every word being spelt out like only a early learner can do.
On the positive side though I know this phase won’t last forever and soon enough she’ll be like her older sister reading everything from my texts to my emails.

Reading can transport you to amazing places where you meet interesting characters between the covers of a book. Happy reading!