Life, Love, and Passports

Early to bed early to rise

Well after a somewhat hectic day of socializing, dashing to the mall and an evening meeting I was well and truly ready for an early night. I was also slightly threatened by a headache that was promising to spoil my mood. I usually drag myself off to bed at about midnight so the thought of going two whole hours earlier was a bit unsettling. My husband had the job of providing me with a cocktail of drugs because from my experience I know if you go to bed with an ever so slight headache you usually wake up with a full-blown one in the middle of the night!

Just for the record I did not rise any earlier but I did wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus – not that I’ve ever been hit by one. On the plus side though that headache failed to fully materialise and Friday was waiting on the other side. Friday makes everything seem so much better.
Have a fantastic weekend!


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