Life, Love, and Passports

Princess diaries

I’ve been following the story of a Londoner Katie Piper who was the victim of an acid attack by an ex boyfriend. He has since been prosecuted and jailed. Fortunately for her she had access to ground breaking treatments for burn victims. Since the attack she has undergone over one hundred operations. Katie is well and truly on the road to recovery. I’ve no doubt it will take much longer for her psychological wounds to catch up to the physical ones.

Domestic violence is so rife in modern-day society. It’s not just common people who fall victim to physical, verbal and psychological abuse. Since the Grammy awards and a win by Chris Brown the story of his vicious attack on his ex girlfriend has resurfaced. He was prosecuted and given a lengthy probation sentence. In my opinion it was a lenient sentence. He should have served jail time like other criminals do!

There is never an excuse for violence of any kind. Communication is the key.
Relationships are so complicated because they can bring you so much pleasure and as much pain. A certain level of maturity is needed and it seems quite clear that break ups cause some people to become irrational.

We all deserve to be treated like royalty. We’re too special to be treated any less. I don’t believe in fairy tales but I do believe you can choose the kind of life you want. Then perhaps the happily ever after will follow.


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