Life, Love, and Passports

The world is but a stage!

I’ve had the privilege of meeting many new people since arriving in England. Of course some are once off meetings, others acquaintances and some I count amongst my closest friends.
Anybody who knows me knows that I thrive on good honest conversation and a lively debate occasionally.
I’m not one who wears my heart on my sleeve but if the situation calls for it I will give more information if required.
Communication is a really complex tool! Give too much and you’re a blabber mouth. Say too little and you’re regarded as too secretive.

If I had a few wishes one would be for conversation to be based on complete honesty and understanding. In the meantime though as a self-confessed “overly extrovert” individual I have got to be a little more understanding when it comes to people who don’t view things and express them as I do!

So while the world is considered a stage everybody has got to be allowed to play their part as best they can.
Lights! Camera! Action!


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