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The Easter hat parade

Today my daughters very carefully carried their well thought out Easter hats to be judged at school. While they were painting and decorating their hats I was sitting on my hands trying desperately not to get involved with the creative process. On completion there were quite a few ways I figured I could improve the hats. Finally I made peace with the fact that their work would be judged not my mothering skills. Surely giving them the freedom to express themselves has to count for something.

Before they set off for school I did give them a talk about the importance of having fun and enjoying tasks and of course the all important thing is the taking part. When I arrived at the school I could point out the ones made by parents and the kid inspired creations. I was at the presentation for the best looking hats and I think the judges got it almost right. My girls were really glad to be part of the parade. Sadly way too many children didn’t even bother. I want to lay the blame on the parents but I won’t – not this time anyway!


Poetry in motion

Now anybody who knows me really well will know that I love poetry! As long as I can remember it has been the case. I am particularly fond of Shakespeare’s work. So when I had the opportunity to join a poetry session with a city arts project based on our trip to the market recently I was really excited. In my mind I had visions of brainstorming and ground breaking ideas. Sadly it all started and stayed in my mind.

The poets arrived with most of the work complete and our little group made up of four moms basically had to record the humongous poem to be transcribed at a later date. It started off quite shaky but at some point I realised that being serious and fed up was hardly the way forward. So after two hours of chanting rhyming lines the less than challenging session came to an end.

At this point I feel like I should say what the experience meant to me in a deep and meaningful way…that’s not going to happen!

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

As a mother of three very differently wired children it does become a bit of a challenge to find ways to engage them particularly when it comes to discipline. As you might well know any reward is well accepted but discipline is like some kind of evil plan served by those in authority. I had to realise way too early that discipline is not fun. I hated being disciplined as a child and it is no different for children today. Sadly it has to be done. My tools usually consist of no television, computer or hand-held games and of course getting sent to the corner works well with the youngest.

When my first child was born she is now six and a bit I really struggled those first few months she was plagued by colic and our lives were turned upside down. Once she got over that phase we realised that she was galloping ahead with her milestones and was proving to be quite inquisitive and advanced. Her strong personality really started to be quite apparent was her speech was developed. I remember very clearly telling my mother that my daughter had a stubborn streak to which she replied that she was just strong-willed. At the time it was proving quite difficult to deal with a child who wouldn’t back down.

If you have a strong-willed child these are some of the ways you will find yourself describing them. Stubborn, pushing boundaries constantly, strong personalities, questioning your authority and they are usually wise beyond their years. I’m not referring to teens who have a change of attitude simply described as adolescence!

I must admit it has been quite challenging at the best of times to guide my daughter lovingly without breaking her beautiful spirit. Some days I get it absolutely right and other days I get it dreadfully wrong and the pouting, arm folding and sighing which follow make me feel like a terrible mother for falling into the trap of not thinking things through. The reality is that having something figured out doesn’t guarantee that I’ll have the proper response each time. Like most parents I want the best for all of my children after all they are precious cargo.

Happy parenting!

Golden rays

Today I enjoyed a wonderful sun-filled day in the park with equally beautiful people. Funny thing about sunshine is that it is a lot like love – you just have to share it.

I would’ve loved the opportunity to share a phenomenal poem about sunshine but alas I couldn’t find a half decent one!

Attitude of gratitude

Being grateful always is not as easy as it seems. I’m now on a journey where I’m constantly reminding myself to be thankful for everything. Showing appreciation for all I have and more.

There is no time like the present to show appreciation and express love. Don’t wait until it’s too late – I won’t!

Let me entertain you

It has been almost six months since my daughter started playing the violin. I must admit that I was skeptical at first because I’d only ever heard horror stories about violin beginners. I went along to the parents information session at which we were informed that a family member would be expected to attend each lesson. At that point I had serious doubts about the journey with the violin.

So I’m happy to report that we have attended all her group lessons and the transformation has been amazing. The suzuki method has been an absolute revelation. Of course listening to the cd daily sometimes pushes me to certain insanity but I survive! She performs in her first recital a week from today. I have no doubt she will be phenomenal.

“Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens. If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart.”  Shin’ichi Suzuki

Spring has sprung!

The clocks will leap forward this weekend to signal that Spring has officially arrived. I love Spring because the idea of all things being fresh, new and colourful really excites me. A fresh start seems the only option at this time of the year.

I’m taking the opportunity to take a peep into my closet of life and I’m making the necessary changes. Time to watch all things grow…beautifully!

Human Rights Day

“Poverty prevails as the gravest human rights challenge in the world. Combating poverty,   deprivation and exclusion is not a matter of charity, and it does not depend on how rich a country is.  By tackling poverty as a matter of human rights obligation, the world will have a better chance of abolishing this scourge in our lifetime…Poverty eradication is an achievable goal”    Louise Arbour

Poverty remains one of South Africa’s biggest challenges. While most human rights days celebrations seem to centre around the Sharpeville massacre. There is no doubt that what the sixty-nine fallen did was both heroic and memorable. Perhaps it is now time for the relevant authorities to focus on problems being faced by the masses which are no doubt depriving them of their basic human rights. The right to proper sanitation and safe living conditions. We can’t continue to remain focussed on the past with no thought for the present situation of far too many South Africans. The time has come and gone for delivery of far too many promises.

Viva South Africa viva…

How wonderful life is now that you’re in the world

My little princess is three years old today! I can’t imagine our lives without her. She never runs out of hugs and kisses to share. She is also very strong-willed and at times it takes way too long to convince her that there are better ways to do some things. She is an amazing storyteller and a chatterbox of note. She is a keen dancer and loves to sing.

Today is her special day and she knows it. She is all dressed up in her party dress and ready for afternoon tea with her sisters. She truly is an amazing gift who brings a special sparkle to our family.

Jack in the box

I had a very generous gesture from my husband in appreciation of mothering Sunday. There’s just something about gifts that are presented in little jewellery boxes. I’ve always said I’m not much of a jewellery fanatic but even I was shocked when I opened the little box and found it empty! On the bright side there was another gift to offer some consolation.

The good news is after calling the store and giving his version of events my husband was given my beautiful earrings this morning. Needless to say I’m smiling rather broadly! Now I’ve got to make sure I keep them safe which I seem incapable of doing lately.

Don’t you just hate losing or misplacing irreplaceable items?