Life, Love, and Passports

Secret world

Today is world book day and while I’m not a very avid reader. I’ll be a fool not to recognise the power of books (well actually reading them).
I must admit my love for reading has been rekindled in the last month with my girls taking part in the reading Olympics at school. I’ve now come to the conclusion that I absolutely love reading children’s books and my girls are in awe of my dramatic skills. Then again all it takes is enthusiasm and a little craziness to impress my girls.

My plan now is to make my way back to the secret world of reading captivating books. Books which transport you to amazing places which are inhabited with complex characters who are involved in head spinning story lines. All I need now is a book which will catapult me into a bookworm.
Wish me luck as I head off to choose a book from my box of unread treasures!


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