Life, Love, and Passports

Things that go bump in the night

Being a parent is really a wave of new experiences. While we are somewhat prepared for the general milestones anything else can be quite unsettling. To date I’ve dealt with colic, carrot allergies and a fractured ankle all of which made me feel like a pretty useless mother.
Last night I had to deal with fear of monsters and all things scary and this was before bedtime even arrived. My poor little princess Gemma just a mere four years old and panic-stricken was in the most awful state I’ve ever seen her in. After an hour I realised that saying “dreams are not real” was not a very effective method.
I’m happy to report that after taking a very imaginative trip filled with all things lovely like butterflies, rainbows, picnics and only happy thoughts she was ready to face a night of possible dreams.
Fortunately for all parties concerned she had a dreamless night and was more than fit to go to school when the morning arrived!


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