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How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

As a mother of three very differently wired children it does become a bit of a challenge to find ways to engage them particularly when it comes to discipline. As you might well know any reward is well accepted but discipline is like some kind of evil plan served by those in authority. I had to realise way too early that discipline is not fun. I hated being disciplined as a child and it is no different for children today. Sadly it has to be done. My tools usually consist of no television, computer or hand-held games and of course getting sent to the corner works well with the youngest.

When my first child was born she is now six and a bit I really struggled those first few months she was plagued by colic and our lives were turned upside down. Once she got over that phase we realised that she was galloping ahead with her milestones and was proving to be quite inquisitive and advanced. Her strong personality really started to be quite apparent was her speech was developed. I remember very clearly telling my mother that my daughter had a stubborn streak to which she replied that she was just strong-willed. At the time it was proving quite difficult to deal with a child who wouldn’t back down.

If you have a strong-willed child these are some of the ways you will find yourself describing them. Stubborn, pushing boundaries constantly, strong personalities, questioning your authority and they are usually wise beyond their years. I’m not referring to teens who have a change of attitude simply described as adolescence!

I must admit it has been quite challenging at the best of times to guide my daughter lovingly without breaking her beautiful spirit. Some days I get it absolutely right and other days I get it dreadfully wrong and the pouting, arm folding and sighing which follow make me feel like a terrible mother for falling into the trap of not thinking things through. The reality is that having something figured out doesn’t guarantee that I’ll have the proper response each time. Like most parents I want the best for all of my children after all they are precious cargo.

Happy parenting!


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