Life, Love, and Passports

Poetry in motion

Now anybody who knows me really well will know that I love poetry! As long as I can remember it has been the case. I am particularly fond of Shakespeare’s work. So when I had the opportunity to join a poetry session with a city arts project based on our trip to the market recently I was really excited. In my mind I had visions of brainstorming and ground breaking ideas. Sadly it all started and stayed in my mind.

The poets arrived with most of the work complete and our little group made up of four moms basically had to record the humongous poem to be transcribed at a later date. It started off quite shaky but at some point I realised that being serious and fed up was hardly the way forward. So after two hours of chanting rhyming lines the less than challenging session came to an end.

At this point I feel like I should say what the experience meant to me in a deep and meaningful way…that’s not going to happen!


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