Life, Love, and Passports

The Easter hat parade

Today my daughters very carefully carried their well thought out Easter hats to be judged at school. While they were painting and decorating their hats I was sitting on my hands trying desperately not to get involved with the creative process. On completion there were quite a few ways I figured I could improve the hats. Finally I made peace with the fact that their work would be judged not my mothering skills. Surely giving them the freedom to express themselves has to count for something.

Before they set off for school I did give them a talk about the importance of having fun and enjoying tasks and of course the all important thing is the taking part. When I arrived at the school I could point out the ones made by parents and the kid inspired creations. I was at the presentation for the best looking hats and I think the judges got it almost right. My girls were really glad to be part of the parade. Sadly way too many children didn’t even bother. I want to lay the blame on the parents but I won’t – not this time anyway!


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