Life, Love, and Passports

Have you got a sunshine smile?

I’m at that stage in my dental life where I’m very close to adding my dental appointments to my list of unpleasant things to do.
After yet another visit to the dreaded dental surgery and a conversation that included words like root canal treatment, crowns, x-rays and a course of antibiotics it’s no wonder I’m seriously reconsidering our relationship. What happened to a good old scaling and polishing followed by a high-five and a six month follow-up?

Who needs teeth after all? Well not ones that now require a visit to the dentist on an almost monthly basis! I’ve got to revisit my dental routine. Clearly having every product recommended is not enough for my troublesome gnashers. So I’m gonna brace myself for the road ahead and hope for the biggest smile at the end of my journey with all my teeth intact!


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