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Memories of a South African Good Friday

So today is Good Friday if you weren’t aware welcome to earth! I’ve spent most of my life in South Africa (this is actually the name of the country and not some random location on the African map) so my memory box is filled with these treasured moments. Once again we’ve had to make new traditions since arriving in the Uk.

People will often ask what certain events are like back home and honestly they are not much different. The major difference of course for me is the obvious absence of pickled fish which I’ve not had for three long years. I’ve never actually made it myself so if I had to describe the dish to somebody this is what I’d say. Yellow tinted fish, far too many onions, vinegar and bay leaves but I loved it!

Hot cross buns are pretty central to the day and you’ve got to have the  top of the range in my opinion Woolworths (SA) and Marks and Spencer are that range. They are actually related so it makes perfect sense. By the time Good Friday arrives I’ve usually had more than my share much like mince pies at Christmas.

The third component is going to church which makes perfect sense if you observe Easter and all it represents. My highlight is the hymn singing. If you love poetry you will love hymns.

So with the lack of pickled fish my family were treated to a typical Sunday dinner and they loved it. Though I must confess my mind did wander off to my homeland to take a peek at my dear mothers lunch table laden with pickled fish and other wonderful delights.


2 responses

  1. shalley28

    I taught myself to make pickled fish over the past six years, I have perfected it over the past two, but it will never quite be like my mom’s pickled fish! I do however find contentment in Woolworths ‘spicy hot cross buns’ with black coffee for breakfast. *smiling*

    April 6, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    • Well done Michelle! Perhaps next year I’ll give it a go. Nothing beats a quality hot cross bun.

      April 9, 2012 at 1:15 pm

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