Life, Love, and Passports

Magic of the mall

I absolutely love malls and can’t remember life before them. Well actually I do remember just a bit about pavement pounding and going in and out of stores and the scorching hot and rainy days made it unbearable. Malls are a modern-day necessity and so much classier.

I enjoy venturing into shops and looking at stuff I know I’ll never bother to buy.
I find it fascinating that we are all kind of equal when we enter the mall. Unlimited access to places which often require limitless resources. I don’t understand how people can question what you can do in the mall all day!

Of course the one thing I find totally unnecessary are the long hours people work in the malls and I do try to leave before they announce the stores will be closing. I must admit the few occasions I am around at closing time I feel very guilty about making the unsocial hours necessary. So to all the amazing people who work in the malls I salute you. Thank you for making one of my favourite pastimes a pleasure.


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