Life, Love, and Passports

Merseyside derby…This means war!

You would be mistaken for thinking it was wartime in Merseyside. All the tactical preparation, talk of victory and bringing back the glory. It is in fact a Merseyside derby on a grand scale. Sadly the team who gets defeated will have to make the long trip back from Wembley this time around. Defeat is not an option.

I love the build up to a big game in this case a battle for a place in the FA cup final. Punters giving the odds, supporters singing their teams praises and going back to the archives just to prove how amazing and capable they truly are. Pre match is such a leveller because anything is possible until the final whistle blows.

Liverpool and Everton fans around the country and abroad will no doubt be gearing up for a goal scoring frenzy. I’ll be watching what will hopefully be a display of skill and very little or no dirty tricks. I have got to remember to keep calm because it unsettles my daughters when I appear to attack the television with frenzied animation.

May the best team win. I secretly hope it’s Liverpool!


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