Life, Love, and Passports

Must love candles

In the run up to Easter I did quite a bit of craft with my daughters. From egg painting, bonnets, masks, cards, baskets and even colouring activities. At this point I felt that we had exhausted every option but then they spotted some candles which they couldn’t resist. So my sticker happy daughters went about decorating the candles and were very impressed with their effort.

The candles brought back memories of a hobby which dominated my life for quite a while in my mid twenties. Unfortunately once you let people into your interests they feel obligated to add to your collection which of course is not always such a bad thing. The problem is once you have more candles than you know what to do with it creates much difficulty when it comes to storing these often fragile works of art. As a collector obviously I had no plans to light them and watch such beauty turn into smouldering wax. I’ve thought about my beautiful candles after all these years and hope that I gave them a beautiful home when I could no longer care for them.


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