Life, Love, and Passports

My magic apron

It started on Christmas day when a good friend came over and said she’d left her apron at home and wanted to know if I had one she could use. I didn’t because I didn’t have one of my own. Being one who goes the whole hog I made certain to get one for myself and my three girls.

When I finally put on my apron it brought back some wonderful childhood memories. Though for some reason I can only ever remember wearing it on a Sunday after church perhaps it was to protect our ‘good clothes’. I always seemed to be making gravy. These days I just buy it in a packet. Still traumatized from chopping onions finely and far too many lumpy and salty results.

These days though when I don my apron I feel like a super cook. I’m invincible in my apron and nothing is a bridge too far. I’m not a fan of cooking but I’m not a shabby cook by a long run. You see when I put my magic cloak on I seem to get super powers I’m immediately transformed from mediocre to iron chef in sixty seconds.

Today I’ll wear my apron and the result will require a well set table and perhaps even candles!


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