Life, Love, and Passports

Double edged sword

For many of us being asked to give an honest opinion varies depending on who the person is asking the question. The tricky part is whether the individual actually seeks the whole truth or just wishes perhaps for you to stroke their ego and are horrified with your honesty. Now I’ve never been one to read between the lines of absolute statements. I just grind my teeth though when I realise that the person has no intention of considering the advice. Absolute waste of my time!

Recently I fell to the double-edged sword after being asked for my opinion. Perhaps it wasn’t honesty the individual was seeking. I must admit I was horrified by the response and kept thinking to myself that they’d asked for my opinion I did not offer it.

Looking back I have to now agree with my very wise father who says there are some things which should not be communicated by text. Emotion and attitude are left to the recipient to decide and depending what space they are found in it could have disastrous effects.
I often get annoyed by stuff I read particularly on social networking sites and usually after a moan to my long-suffering husband I try to look at things differently. Truth is nobody likes to be misunderstood. I guess the solution is clear communication.


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