Life, Love, and Passports

Memories of school outings

I’m certain these school trips were called excursions when I was a pupil. Which I think makes it sound more educational than fun. Generally I’d say I’ve got quite a good memory perhaps rather selective at times because I can only remember one such trip and it was to the museum. Can’t even recall needing a consent form but then it wouldn’t have been my business.

Gabrielle my three-year old had a trip to an art centre today and all the logistics involved for that two-hour trip would’ve been sufficient for a trip anywhere! At least this time we did eventually reach our destination. Not so long ago the trip was cancelled because the transport didn’t have a three-point safety belt mechanism. It’s on days like that I know without a doubt I’m a world away from South Africa.

Back to the trip! It was a wonderful experience and my husband and I tagged along and got to enjoy the display of colour, lights and photography. Of course the parents and carers are not always invited to join the kids like on the trip to the China town and the German market. Trips are great and a lovely change from being confined to the daycare room. I certainly look forward to many more outings and hopefully my little princess will remember all these wonderful experiences!


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