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Unbridled hope for the future

I’ve recently watched a documentary of a group of children whose lives have been documented from the age of 7 at seven-year intervals they are now 56 years old. The series was originally intended to show how socio-economic conditions determine a child’s future. They were so wrong! As it turns out good and bad choices determine your future.

It was so amazing to see the enthusiasm and hope of each of those children when interviewed initially but sadly the flame of hope seemed to be fading as the reality of life set in. It became really hard for many to keep their eyes on the prize. Some did achieve their childhood goals and others were forced to redefine what success meant to them. I must admit that I was slightly jealous that my thoughts and ambitions weren’t recorded because I’d love to know what was ideas were cooking in my little brain at a really tender age.

I have no plans to subject my daughters to a documentary series on such a grand scale. However, I do have every intention of letting them know that the sky is the limit and only they have the power to decide their future. The future is super bright for them and I will make every effort to keep their dreams alive!


Three little words!

If you love someone…tell them!
I’m totally taken with the idea of living in the now. Don’t wait until tomorrow for what can be done and said today.

The greatest feeling in the world is to love and be loved in return.


Life is too short in general and not just at that moment when someone you know passes on and you are forced to face the fact that you will not live forever not in this life anyway!

I often take living and breathing for granted and ever so often I’m forced into realising what a good life I have. Of course there are many things I don’t own and would love to but you know what…that’s life!

Apart from just having good manners, being grateful and trying to be a good citizen there are other rules that I try to apply to my daily life.
1. Love without conditions
2. Laugh out loud
3. Help the less fortunate
4. Limit complaining
5. Try to see the best in people (not so easy for me I might add)

So wherever you are and whatever you do make sure you live your best life now. No regrets – live, laugh and love completely!

This is…American idol!

So Philip Phillips was crowned the American idol and I was well happy with the result. There were quite a few murmurs on social networking sites following this announcement. I found it quite sad that quite a lot of the discussion came down to ethnicity. The major problem with the competition in my humble opinion and I’ve watched enough of these shows to see right through it. People seem to be complaining about the winners who are in fact chosen by the viewers. Surely the viewers can’t all be wrong.

The biggest problem I have with the competition is the actual formula which seems to require that the judges fill the top 12 with at least one of the following characters. Country singers, really young contestants, eye candy (though usually not very talented), gospel singers (preferably african american male), crazy hair contestants, struggling musicians and last but not least the twenty something singer with a guitar (preferably white male)!

So while many are disheartened about Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet not triumphing in all honesty they failed to crack the competition because they just didn’t get any better. The biggest crime they committed was becoming the proverbial one trick pony. Joshua and his incessant “soul screech” and Jessica and her “diva growl” just failed to evolve into original pop stars. Philip on the other hand started off as a “Dave Matthews clone” but steadily found his originality and in my opinion this is what gave him the edge (gosh I sound like Jimmy Iovine!)

That friends is my take from the comfort of my couch. Lets see what 2013 drags in though I suspect it will much the same… different toppings same recipe!

You’re so vain…

Vanity! Is there anything less attractive than a vain individual. I’m all for confidence and a healthy self-esteem but vanity is a bridge too far. Should there be an age limit for this kind of indulgent, self-centred behaviour?

Fun and sunshine

So we’ve been enjoying the most wonderful spell of sunshine and it’s been rather refreshing. After spending a few winters here in the uk the one consolation is that the sun will reappear.

The winter feels a bit like going through difficulties and waiting for some respite from that problem. It’s so reassuring to know that winter and troubles don’t last forever! So at the moment the world just seems right in fact it feels like Christmas to me. All I want to do is eat, drink and be merry preferably outside.

So if the dreaded winter and his frosty relatives are visiting in your corner of the world take heart summer will eventually arrive. As for me I’m gonna make the most of the awesome weather because in true British fashion the sun will soon be evacuated.
Cheers to the toasty sunshine!

The day the union jack arrived!

What a year for all things British. The queen celebrating her jubilee and of course the Olympics. Generally the British public come across very patriotic but this year has gone to a whole new level. Everything and anything that can be ‘jacked’ has been ‘jacked’. At this particular moment in my life as an immigrant I feel a bit like a traitor. After all the only South African brands I posses are my bafana bafana soccer jersey and of course my proudly South African accent. I’m now in possession of a ‘jacked’ cooler box thanks to the most magnificent spell of glorious sunshine.

It is now a serious case of ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’. I have very little option but to go with the flow. My girls have some celebrations coming up which requires them to wear the red, white and blue. I must admit even I want to break out singing ‘God save the queen’. The atmosphere is tangible and I have every intention of enjoying this historic period in British history. I’m certain this doesn’t happen everyday!


My secret to contentment!

1. Always greet the morning gratefully – some people have missed the opportunity

2. Drink your morning coffee leisurely even if you are running late

3. Be courteous to other road users especially on rainy days they’ll be pleasantly surprised

4. Say “I love you” as often as you can because you just can’t overdo it – be sincere though

5. Forgive and forget it will set you free

6. Never go to bed angry stay up and fight

7. Falling asleep fully clothed and with my glasses still firmly fixed to my face

8. Wearing good quality shoes with well-groomed toes

9. Being kind to strangers for no reason and watching them react suspiciously

10. Finally, loving without reservations and living with no regrets

Independence day!

After a week which went from one responsibility to the other I decided to take a well deserved break today. My ideal loafing day always includes staying in pyjamas for as long as possible and having way too many coffee breaks from just being alive and breathing.

I love being a wife and mother but having children who are as young as mine it borders on being criminal if I tell them to see to themselves. I can just picture the scene iced lollies and fizzy pop for breakfast. So for this reason alone I am forced to crawl out of my warm lazy cocoon and provide nourishment for my offspring.

In reality my days of total independence are a long way off but I’m grateful for a laid back morning where there are no time constraints or rigid schedules. Who can resist a good old lie around every now and again?

The face of an angel

I’ve often wondered how people can have such varied opinions about an individual’s character or personality. I’m often described as being overly serious and on the other end of the spectrum I’m described as being rather funny at the best of times. Of course if I could fake a perfect first impression it would be a smile, a warm greeting and wonderful conversation. I know myself well enough to know that’s not what happens. Though to a large extent it depends where I meet people it only makes perfect sense to have degrees of openness.

I was out having lunch and an elderly lady at the table next to me ‘made contact’. I’d hardly said anything at all to her and she kept going on about what a wonderful person I was. It’s always nice when somebody uses kind words but I couldn’t help feeling that she was too quick with her admiration I mean honestly how could she know me after five minutes. I did engage her and listened attentively to her stories. After what seemed like eternity she eventually said goodbye. I thought to myself as I watched her leave there are just too many lonely people in the world.

Life can consume us at the best of times but while we’re busy being preoccupied there are so many people out there who just need a smile, nod, wave or an attentive ear. Margaret Rose you thought I had the face of an angel (many would disagree) but if it’s what you needed its good enough for me! Here’s hoping all of your desires and dreams are realised in this lifetime.