Life, Love, and Passports

Value for money

I don’t mind paying for quality but one thing I cannot stand is being short-changed. I don’t know anybody who is pleased with getting less than expected. Going shopping with my girls and keeping an eye on them is my priority in the supermarket. Though lately I’ve been doing my mega shop without them.

I’ve kind of slipped into the habit of just paying whatever the cashier says and on far too many occasions I do a double-check when I get home and get seriously angry with myself when things don’t add up. At this point I make a note to self that I should pay more attention.

In recent times I was charged for a party load of lager. Sad part is the goods were scanned not despatched otherwise I might have been forced to just down the whole lot. Fortunately I was reimbursed and am glad to report that I didn’t have to convince the staff.

Today was one of those days when I took a leisurely stroll to claim what was rightfully mine and walked away feeling rather pleased with my effort.


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