Life, Love, and Passports

Polling day

So today is local election day and I decided to cast my vote like all responsible citizens should. As I walked to the polling station I was honestly thinking it may have been a bad idea to have taken my girls along because in my mind I visualised these long queues. That vision couldn’t have been further from reality. The room was as empty as an unused grave. It took me all of three minutes to fill out two ballot papers. I’d like to think there are that many stations that at any given time there are a bare minimum of voters at the polls.

The Brits do love to queue and I’m sure there are many disappointed voters out there who dreamed of enjoying a popular pastime. As for me I’ve given myself a pat on the back for braving the pouring rain to put my X on a ballot paper. Funny how empowering that feels! It’s true though every vote does count.


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