Life, Love, and Passports

Routine business

Today I was woken up at what seemed like the crack of dawn. You see anything before 08:30 on a weekend is insane. After a rather busy week all I want and I guess it’s what most people want is to lie in just a teeny bit longer!

People often ask me what I do to fill my days. I don’t need to do anything as anybody raising kids knows just how demanding our little ones schedules can be. As a stay at home mother I just can’t find it in my heart not to attend my girls activities.

Some days I feel like hiding under my bed and letting the activities pass me by. I quickly remind myself how blessed I am to be able to accompany them to every activity. I know they love scanning the crowd and seeing me there with my trusty camera.

So I guess the trips to school functions and after school activities will continue for a while yet. Life is a cycle and I’m spinning in the child raising capsule at this stage in my life and I love it – most days anyway!


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