Life, Love, and Passports

The wonder years

I’m so glad to be completely out of that phase in my life. Far too much time spent wondering if you’re good enough and how your life may eventually turn out. I’ve misplaced my twenty year plan but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t half as good as my life is now. Funny how a sense of insecurity gives people some kind of power over your life. The truth is if you have no direction your friends depending on who they are may lead you astray or towards your destiny.

I’ve had both types in my lifetime and actually to a certain extent we have the good and bad in our lives constantly. The difference now is that I can ignore the nonsense and take only what adds value to my life. I’m so glad that people don’t define me and I won’t allow them to. The sooner you learn that not everybody is a fan of yours the sooner you can get on with your life.

Like most things in life not everything is in black and white. I have many shortfalls and the one I’m least proud of is judging people too soon and feeling awful when I realise that I’ve made a poor call. My mother used to say that people are not ice-cream you can’t just taste them and decide you don’t like the flavour. It takes hard work to get past the flavours we don’t like to get the taste of the ones we do.

I’ve met many people in my lifetime. I’m grateful for them all because there’s always something to be learnt from friendship. Some I expected to last a lifetime and just lasted a season others ended in betrayal, heartbreak and disappointment followed by far too many sleepless nights wondering where it all went wrong.

These days all I strive for is to be less judgemental and to try to see the best in everyone I meet. I don’t always achieve my goal but it doesn’t stop me from trying again. There’s only one of me ( no doubt some people are glad about that) and I’m trying to be the best me there is!


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