Life, Love, and Passports

Surfs up

I love going to the beach and having a good swim. I’m not into picnics at the beach the sand is enough to drive me mental. Just writing about it makes me miss South Africa.

I’ve been unusually tired the past few days and it’s not from a lack of sleep. As I was lying on my bed this afternoon the feeling I had was much like you do after a trip to the beach. Chasing after big waves and being toppled by unexpected ones which leave you confused about which way the shore lies. I’ve had lots of those experiences and what follows after a wave chasing and throwing session is usually the worst fatigue. Perhaps it’s just me who is treated so poorly by the waves but I honestly feel washed up at the moment. No amount of coffee can bring me back from the brink of possible collapse.

I can’t help but feel I’m in a tidal experience. I can’t wait for high tide and just being energised enough to ride the crest of life without feeling like I’m falling off the edge. So grateful that nothing lasts forever. Bring on the next cycle!


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