Life, Love, and Passports

International Nurse’s Day

Funny how people have very different ideas about the job that nurses do. A while ago was invited to give some insight to some 4year olds about the job of a nurse after my daughter Gemma volunteered my services. It wasn’t a very easy task because for some crazy reason all they could think of was injections. I didn’t go into too much detail just in case there were some potential candidates in the class. The truth is I wish a nurse had told me what it was they actually did. I swear I would’ve done a totally different job!

Nursing changed my life radically and the responsibility made me feel older than my years. When I applied to join the nursing profession I had visions of sitting next to patients and listening to their concerns. Instead what I found was protocols, procedures, circulars and many more paper and filing opportunities. These days I am really glad to be living a rather carefree life without the hassle of constant recording and reporting or being reported to.

There were many duties I was not prepared for when I started. The top shockers were bathing patients, wrapping deceased patients (which by the way I grew to love), feeding patients and collecting and testing urine samples. It all seems so trivial now but it really bothered me at the time.

So to all the amazing nurses who continue to care for and provide some of the most basic care I salute you. Happy Nurse’s Day to you!


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