Life, Love, and Passports

The mystery of slippers

I don’t think there is another item in my adulthood that has needed replacing as often as my slippers. Perhaps it’s because I’m home so much. Or could it be that the manufactures have a way of designing them in such a way that you just can’t own them forever. I love slipping my feet well okay I mean shoving them into a well-worn pair of slippers. Sadly just when I’ve custom-made them with my toe indentations and they are slightly tilted outwards like only I can do to a shoe they need replacing.

I’ve spent the last week searching for a worthwhile replacement because before I arrived in the UK I always wore a particular style. I’ve been forced to try different styles and I’m still searching for a pair as good as my native ones. Now you’re either a slipper person or you’re not. If you’re the former you are nodding your head in fierce agreement if not you can’t believe I’ve given slipper replacement this much thought!

Today I picked up a pair at a supermarket wouldn’t be my first choice but they looked pretty and very similar in appearance to my usual style. Needless to say after wearing them for the shortest time I can tell they are definitely not keepers but at least they look good.

So the next time you go around to someone’s home and find them wearing rather rotten slippers just know that they are afraid of losing their ultimate form of comfort. You might just be surprised to find a brand new pair waiting for its turn to be broken in like a stallion. Who would’ve thought a good pair of slippers could make a girl so happy. If you have a pair that make you feel ‘at home’ treasure them because I’m certain they will not last forever!



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