Life, Love, and Passports

Diagnosis: Clutter

Whenever I watch these hoarding programmes I can’t help but wonder how people arrive at that pitiful state. Sadly most of the time there are underlying psychological problems usually brought on by some kind of trauma. However for many it seems to be a case of just not wanting to let things go. It starts off with receipts (my personal war), supermarket bags and magazines. Before you know it you’re renting space in your own house.

Generally I’m not one to hang onto stuff I just lack that sentimentality in
my life these days. During my teens I used to keep every last thing up to and including movie stubs. Can’t even imagine the storage I would require at that rate. These days I keep very little and pride myself on getting rid of stuff. I have a simple motto when it comes to clothes if you haven’t worn it in six weeks you probably don’t want it and if it fits doesn’t mean you have to keep it!

At the food bank where I volunteer I’m always amazed at how grateful people are for the donated clothing. It may not seem important to you because you’re able to walk into shops and buy what you want but for many people your donation of used clothing could be life changing. So here’s the challenge check your cupboards, closets and wardrobes and give to a worthy cause.

Remember hoarding starts off with clutter!


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