Life, Love, and Passports

The face of an angel

I’ve often wondered how people can have such varied opinions about an individual’s character or personality. I’m often described as being overly serious and on the other end of the spectrum I’m described as being rather funny at the best of times. Of course if I could fake a perfect first impression it would be a smile, a warm greeting and wonderful conversation. I know myself well enough to know that’s not what happens. Though to a large extent it depends where I meet people it only makes perfect sense to have degrees of openness.

I was out having lunch and an elderly lady at the table next to me ‘made contact’. I’d hardly said anything at all to her and she kept going on about what a wonderful person I was. It’s always nice when somebody uses kind words but I couldn’t help feeling that she was too quick with her admiration I mean honestly how could she know me after five minutes. I did engage her and listened attentively to her stories. After what seemed like eternity she eventually said goodbye. I thought to myself as I watched her leave there are just too many lonely people in the world.

Life can consume us at the best of times but while we’re busy being preoccupied there are so many people out there who just need a smile, nod, wave or an attentive ear. Margaret Rose you thought I had the face of an angel (many would disagree) but if it’s what you needed its good enough for me! Here’s hoping all of your desires and dreams are realised in this lifetime.


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