Life, Love, and Passports

The day the union jack arrived!

What a year for all things British. The queen celebrating her jubilee and of course the Olympics. Generally the British public come across very patriotic but this year has gone to a whole new level. Everything and anything that can be ‘jacked’ has been ‘jacked’. At this particular moment in my life as an immigrant I feel a bit like a traitor. After all the only South African brands I posses are my bafana bafana soccer jersey and of course my proudly South African accent. I’m now in possession of a ‘jacked’ cooler box thanks to the most magnificent spell of glorious sunshine.

It is now a serious case of ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’. I have very little option but to go with the flow. My girls have some celebrations coming up which requires them to wear the red, white and blue. I must admit even I want to break out singing ‘God save the queen’. The atmosphere is tangible and I have every intention of enjoying this historic period in British history. I’m certain this doesn’t happen everyday!



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