Life, Love, and Passports


Life is too short in general and not just at that moment when someone you know passes on and you are forced to face the fact that you will not live forever not in this life anyway!

I often take living and breathing for granted and ever so often I’m forced into realising what a good life I have. Of course there are many things I don’t own and would love to but you know what…that’s life!

Apart from just having good manners, being grateful and trying to be a good citizen there are other rules that I try to apply to my daily life.
1. Love without conditions
2. Laugh out loud
3. Help the less fortunate
4. Limit complaining
5. Try to see the best in people (not so easy for me I might add)

So wherever you are and whatever you do make sure you live your best life now. No regrets – live, laugh and love completely!


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