Life, Love, and Passports

Biting off more than I can chew!

Yesterday I asked my daughter why she had to bite everything. Her reply was “you do the same mom. I guess it’s like mother like daughter”. Her answer was the absolute truth and I was surprised that she’d noticed. I always pride myself in not being a nail biter though I do ‘trim’ my cuticles with my teeth.

When I thought about all the things I bite it’s no wonder I’ve got endless problems with my teeth. Apart from my newly diagnosed nocturnal grinding and subsequent need for a retainer. I bite as many inedible articles as I can.

Here is my list of offending articles:
1. Bottle tops
2. Clothing tags
3. Sweet wrappers
4. Teaspoons
5. Pens

I’m certain there are many more items I can’t recall at the moment. The bottom line is I need to kick this habit before it starts including rocks and sand!


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