Life, Love, and Passports

House rules

Growing up we had many house rules may I say that as an adult I flout quite a few! My most obvious ones are putting my shoes on the couch (my husband always takes them off!) and drinking from the family bottle of juice (babe if you’re reading this it only happens with the last bit!). Leaving a cluttered sink overnight and hoping I don’t die and mourners coming in and finding an absolute mess. Not to worry I’ve got that covered I’ve asked my husband to explain to them it was obvious I wasn’t feeling well! Though I’d like to think they’d be too heartbroken to notice!

So now that I’m a mother and responsible for general house rules I must admit that some days I just feel like letting the rule book disappear. My girls don’t have too many rules well I guess as a parent you always feel like they can do more. I must admit I’m not really wining the rules war with my girls they are always pushing the boundaries especially when it comes to bedtime. The other night my 6 year old Charis asked why is it that I get to stay up late? Needless to say my blood started boiling and the response was so lame “because I’m the adult”. I’ve got to work on less obvious reasons.

At the moment my daughters are enjoying their half term holiday and if I let them make the rules I am pretty sure they would watch movies all day and declare bathing an unnecessary evil. That is not going to happen on my watch! So while I’m blogging away no doubt that they feel they’ve escaped some of their daily grind. Will it be so bad if I let it slide for just today but knowing my lot they will insist on a repeat tomorrow. I guess it’s called being consistent and that is something I really struggle with.

Being a parent is a responsibility you don’t get to take a break from. After all adults and children alike need rules to avoid total chaos. So I’m going to take my shoes off the bed and prepare lunch for my girls which doesn’t include a jubilee themed cupcake!

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