Life, Love, and Passports

Pecking order

After a rather late night for my girls and I. I was really looking forward to rising way after the sun. Sadly this was not to be instead my sleep was broken by what was a full on sibling drama. For the most part I do try to be neutral but it’s almost impossible when it becomes obvious that it’s a two against one situation.

The girls couldn’t be more different and so its quite a challenge to find the right solution for the many complex challenges. For the most part I threaten them with consequences that have them adjusting their behaviour instantly. Sadly my most common action is my camera and a threat to tell their teachers. The response is almost magical.

A few hours have passed and they are getting along just fine now and the house seems like less of a war zone that is until one of them feels that they are being undermined. For the moment though I’ll enjoy the peace and their compatibility until the next misunderstanding and perhaps a simple “can we get along please girls” will be more than sufficient to get them back on track!

The pecking order is a reality and the challenge is to get them to understand that they are all very different but all very special and getting along is what makes life ‘workable’ because you can’t get your way all of the time! Though I’m sure some will differ…I call these people selfish!


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