Life, Love, and Passports

Mommy jeopardy

In case you’re wondering this is a severe case of regret usually following the purchase of a questionable item of clothing, toys and even foodstuff. That moment when you make the choice and can’t go back on your word because a promise is a promise!

This week we bought our 3-year-old a pushchair for her doll she has shown nothing but gratitude for her latest toy. She kept asking if she could take it to the mall and I agreed reluctantly. Today was that day and I regretted taking it the moment we got into the mall. The novelty wore off sooner than I thought and I couldn’t keep count of the threats I made. Well they weren’t threats the truth is it will never see the mall again on my watch.

There are several other items that we’ve purchased that have left us shaking our heads. Umbrellas and anything battery operated have brought us to the brink of despair. Tinkerbell wings, wands and even tiaras. I know many a parent who has complained about their child’s obsession with all things spiderman, superman and even Ben 10.

Foodstuff that does my head in are ice cream cones that just always ends badly and chewing gum is a favourite with my girls it is quite shocking to think of all the things they can do with it.

I won’t even fool myself for a minute and say I’ve learnt my lesson because that is never going to happen. Guess I’ll spend the rest of their childhood collecting items that drive me insane!



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