Life, Love, and Passports

Sugar and spice and all things lice

My girls have been on their half term break and I took them for a long overdue haircut. Funny how the same event can have two very different results. One is extremely happy with the outcome and the other is blaming me for the drastic change. My response is that it will all grow back…eventually!

Just before the close of term I received a letter from the school informing me that a child in my daughters class has been found to have lice. Now I don’t know what it is about reading or hearing about lice that gives you the urge to just scratch your now itchy head. Personally I don’t understand what the purpose of the letter is because I found myself looking at the class photo and trying to figure out who it could possibly be. That is just wrong on so many levels.

I read the letter to both my daughters and went through every inch of their heads. The problem with lice they are opportunistic unwanted guests. There is no sure way to prevent them because it seems they are no respecter of persons. So whether you’re clean, dirty, rich or poor those dirty little parasites and their large stubborn families will not stop from making a home in your head!

So yes there you have it I’m off to do one last check before they head on back to school. Here’s hoping for a parasite free six weeks.
Happy scratching!


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