Life, Love, and Passports

Feet of clay

I read a report of a well known pastor Creflo Dollar who was arrested for allegedly assaulting his 15 year old daughter. While I do think it’s a matter between him and his family I’ve mainly been amazed by the comments made about him.

When we make mistakes we always expect forgiveness because after all we’re just human. I can’t understand why this mentality doesn’t seem to extend to particularly influential or should I say world renown preachers. Is it we who in fact place them on pedestals and expect them not to fall? They are just messengers and spokesmen for God they are not God.

I’m in no way undermining the responsibility that spiritual leaders have and the need for them to be an example of Christ as His ambassador but to question their calling when they fail along the way is completely out of line in my opinion. Accountability and responsibility to those they lead and Him who they represent is the key.

So while this mere man with feet of clay like the human he really is may have made a poor judgement call. I would suggest the public leave it in the hands of the law to decide the final outcome.

We all make mistakes and fall way short of perfection. If you’re an exception and perfect in every way then please go ahead and criticise him all you want!


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