Life, Love, and Passports

Dirty rotten scoundrels

So yesterday I made my way back to the food bank after quite a long break. It was an extremely busy shift which was further complicated when a support agency worker who visited for the first time had her car window smashed and her intern (second day on the job!) had her handbag stolen during the incident! I must admit at that moment all the emotions I felt when my car was stolen with my bag safely placed in the boot came flooding back and that incident was in 2004!

I remembered how clear thinking individuals came to my rescue instructing me on what to do to ensure the further safety of my belongings. If you’ve lived through this type of incident then you know the avalanche of questions you ask yourself. Should have or shouldn’t haves top the list and you just wish you could do things differently. After the shock comes the anger and absolute disbelief that people can be so callous and uncaring. While you remain eternally grateful that you were not physically harmed being told that everything is replaceable does nothing at the time to comfort you. For a while after the incident there’s a kind of fear that attempts to paralyse you and you fear repercussions from the perpetrators who have your details. In time you do find peace and fight to win your freedom of movement back.

After many calls, texts, emails and form-filling you have all your personal effects replaced. In the case of the young girl yesterday she felt like her life had been stolen and I could identify with how she felt after all you never imagine that you will be a target. It was a painful reminder that we live in a fallen world and we have to think like criminals to beat them at their game. It is terrible when bad things happen to good people BUT evil will never triumph even when it seems it has won!


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