Life, Love, and Passports

Her name is mother

My daughters recently started calling me mama. While I’ve never really told them what to call me there is something about being called mama that makes me feel a little old.
When speaking about my mother to anybody other than my siblings I always refer to her as my mother. I find it quite strange when people refer to their mothers as ‘mummy’ when speaking to non family members.

I’d like to think the way you address your mother says a lot about the relationship. A person can never outgrow calling their mother by an affectionate term. I always see it as a bit disrespectful when people call a parent by their first name unless of course it is a step parent and until the relationship gets to the next level – or not!

Addressing your mother as ‘mother’ shows a kind of authoritative relationship. It draws a kind of invisible line in the sand that says – adult/child! Of course this is just my opinion.

My daughters are the sweetest little girls but honestly when they call me mama I’m always tempted to turn around and look out for an elderly lady who is possibly a grandmother. Hi my name is mummy and I’m pleased to meet you.


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