Life, Love, and Passports

Dating deal breakers

Whilst doing my usual sweep of twitter I found the following topic trending: #ICantDateYou. It’s always interesting to hear and read peoples expectations of potential life partners. There was an extensive list but here are a few random reasons!

1. If you have no sense of humour

2. If you don’t smell good

3. If you’re a pot head

4. If I can’t be myself around you

5. If you believe in horoscopes

6. If you don’t respect your mom

7. If everytime you get mad you want to break up with me

8.If you try to change me

9. If you care about appearances too much

10. If you have no goals in life, no education, no job, no car, no desire to progress and better yourself

I think it is good to have expectations but it would do us all a world of good if we looked at ourselves and took stock of the things we can change about ourselves not to please somebody else or pretend to be something we’re not! Some facets of a persons life just require a special someone to come alongside and add magic to hidden potential!


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