Life, Love, and Passports

We are the free

I guess the up side to being in a physical prison are the bars and doors are visible.
I’ve been thinking about invisible prisons of late. I’ve come into contact with varied types of people recently who are free physically but restricted in so many other ways!

Fear is the fiercest obstacle faced by so many. Fear of failure, rejection and of course the unknown hinders individuals from making life changing choices and often requires people to come alongside them to give them invaluable advice. I’m so grateful to the amazing people I’ve had the privilege of going to in tough times when you’re so afraid to move in any direction and standing still is not an option.

The beauty of life is that it moves forward whether we like it or not and very often we are forced to play catch up. Life is full of challenges and it’s not always easy to take things head on but if you have strength and courage anything is possible. This life is filled with endless possibilities.
Carpe Diem!


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