Life, Love, and Passports

“If I cannot tolerate my life I may have to go sooner”

These are the words of a completely paralysed gentleman following a stroke. He has made his request known by communicating via a computer controlled by his eyes. He is presently in a legal bid to demand the right to be killed. He is supported by his wife who is his carer. Along with other members of his family who all strongly feel that he should be given the choice to die.

It is such a sensitive topic and my heart goes out to this man who had an active life and is now trapped in a body that will not respond no matter how much he wills it. Death is just so permanent though and once the decision to end his life is taken there are no retakes.

The courts are adamant that to legalise this type of legislation is equal to giving murder the go ahead which will always be a crime no matter the reason. Personally I feel that the family should be giving this man all the reasons he needs to stay alive and by supporting his bid it seems they are keen to be rid of him. Just my thoughts!


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