Life, Love, and Passports

Random ramblings

I have no idea if it’s a sign of absolute boredom or a rather enquiring mind (I suspect it’s the former) that I find myself wondering off into faraway places trying to figure out things that really have little relevance or just downright irritate me!

1. Why does Clinique market their 3 step programme as if that’s all you’ll ever need? Trust me I have at least a triple 3 step regime. Having said that each facial product is absolutely amazing.
2. Why do people not turn their mobiles off when they go into church, theatres and movies? Now I’m well aware that it can be an honest mistake but it is taken to another level when people actually answer the call.
3. Why is the numbering system different on a phone keypad and calculator? Surely it makes the most sense to start from number one in the top left corner.
4. Why has the size of clothing not been standardised? It would make life so much easier and I would be more than happy buying my clothing online. At present it’s just not an option.
5. Why is it that when you’re a few minutes late for your medical of dental appointment you somehow miss your slot? On the other hand when you’re early you end up waiting for what feels like a lifetime to be attended to.

Perhaps I have far too much time on my hands or I would just like my life simplified. The simple things in life really do make a difference!


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