Life, Love, and Passports

This blog helps to raise awareness of a global problem – human trafficking!

For sale : Humans

Are you trafficked proofed?

Well, if you are asking yourself what that is, then you probably aren’t!

Once you are traffick proofed, you will be able to recognise who are the people at risk of being trafficked.  Yourself? Your kids?  Your neighbours?  Who in your community is at risk?  But more importantly, it helps people to recognise the signs of being trafficked and empowers them to take preventative measures!

People are trafficked for:

  • Slave labour
  • Prostitution
  • Forced marriage
  • Sale of their organs or body parts
  • Drug mules
  • Child soldiers

Don’t become a statistic!

We will be running this programme in South Africa because we want SA citizens to be traffick proofed!!

Are you a concerned parent?  We can go to your child’s school.

Are you a young women?  Young man? We can come to your community/place of work/church?

Are you a pastor? Grandparent? Teenager? Principal?

We all need to be trafficked proofed…

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