Life, Love, and Passports

Luke the lion

Being a mother really calls for a shift in your thinking. You are almost forced to go from selfish to selfless. You realise very quickly that very little of your life and particularly your time now belongs to little people who depend on you to keep them safe and above all to make them happy. Motherhood is a multifaceted occupation whether you’re a stay at home mother or a working one the job description is exactly the same. Being a mother of three means finding very different ways to please personalities that are poles apart.

I’m not sure when Luke came into our lives or indeed how he came to have this name but nevertheless I came to know his importance a couple of nights ago when Gemma my five year old announced between muffled sentences and crocodile tears that she’d left him at the mall. Up until this point I had never really had a child cry over a lost toy. My response was simple there are plenty other toys choose another one. I was told in no uncertain terms that nothing else was like Luke and she needed him. To silence her at least for the night I told her we’d return to the mall to look for him.

Morning arrived after a incident free night and I was greeted with a ” Good morning mom don’t forget we’re going to look for Luke today”. At this point I really wanted to set the record straight about why I insist they don’t cart their toys to the mall and why they should take responsibility when things go missing. I didn’t say what I really felt because nobody likes to hear “I told you so”during a crisis. This was a crisis!

True to my word (though I had hoped it would be forgotten) I went back to the mall to look for her animal and fortunately for me I’d only visited three stores the day before. After a trip to lost and found without any luck I announced we’d be replacing Luke. Gemma was horrified because you see Luke was no ordinary lion he’d been registered on a website and she was now explaining she couldn’t register another Luke. I’m looking at her and wondering what happened to just writing your name on the tag of your toy. I had a lightbulb moment and told her she could register him as Luke2. She loved the idea. Game, set and
match I can’t believe I’ve pulled it off!

Next stop the toy shop I pick up a brand new lion and can’t believe he costs a measly two pounds and I’m wondering why have I wasted my precious time looking for the smallest of toys. Of course the answer is obvious because this jaunt around the mall proves to her that what’s important to her no matter how small is important to me too because her happiness matters!

Luke2 is home and is settling in well with the regulars. I can’t help but feel sorry for him because he will never leave this house not if I can help it!



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