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Why Arsenal football club needs to wake up!

This morning Arsenal fans woke up still reeling from their latest sale that of the super talented Robin van Persie (now referred to as Mr.Pursestrings). The buyers woke up with a totally different view. Manchester United now see themselves a step closer to winning more silverware and to accomplish that they’ll do whatever it takes. I do not wish to be van Persie when he arrives at the Emirates playing for the opposition who also happen to be fiercest rivals.

I woke up this morning and tried to see things from the player’s side. If football is now regarded as a profession then shouldn’t players have the right to go where their needs are met. The success of a footballer is determined by the silverware they have. So far Arsenal have not delivered and I think it’s unfair to start hating a player just because he has made a professional decision and yes those decisions always involve money just ask any professional. You don’t hang around your job just because you like your office.

Now as far as the management of Arsenal go I think they seriously need to reconsider what their function is in the premier league. I’ve long-held the view that Mr.Wenger has failed to evolve with the modern game and he and management somehow want to be applauded for not spending like other clubs. Wake up Arsenal! This is not an academy it is a top league and the time has come to start competing. Unless these changes start taking place Arsenal will soon find themselves just fighting to stay in the league.

I propose that Arsene Wenger gets given his marching orders. While he is not in charge of the purse I don’t think I can put myself through another season of watching his downcast defeated self, shaking his head incessantly on the line. His post match interviews are absolute drivel and do not inspire. As a Gunners fan of many years I feel the light slowly fading and I’m not prepared for a season of excuses.


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