Life, Love, and Passports

Magic of the power nap

After far too many late nights I found my body was just not able to keep up with my continual attempt to deprive it of much-needed sleep. I guess there comes a point in a person’s life where the need for action can no longer be avoided. Today was that day for me!

While trying my hardest to stay awake in the middle of the day I found myself being dragged towards that magical place called Forty Winks. If you’ve ever found yourself on this journey I’ve no doubt you’ll be aware of the steps you take to avoid this somewhat unavoidable situation. There’s the big sigh followed by an attempt to sit upright, the disapproving nod at yourself and several long blinks. If you’re a regular at this then you know the only way to avoid this completely is to get up and walk away.

I’m not complaining about my cheeky naps just the disorientation that follows. If you’ve lived through this or rather slept until this, this is what happens to me and I’d like to think I’m not alone. First it’s the horror of failing to avoid the nap trap, the panic of being unsure of the time of day and of course in my case it would be the overwhelming fear that my children have got up to rather dangerous antics while I’ve been locked in a mini coma. It takes a few minutes to realise I’m in a safe place. The best part for me is feeling totally reinvigorated and I’m now ready to continue this self-abuse by planning another late night. Somehow I feel this will not be my decision to make if Mr. Sandman comes a knocking and I go a nodding.

Counting sheep is so overrated!


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