Life, Love, and Passports

Crowning glory and chemical warfare

It’s been said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. I beg to differ in the strongest way as far as my threads are concerned. I’m fed up with getting up each morning to see my untidy hive staring back at me like the byproduct of an invasion of angry bees. I tried to draw my husband into my hair debate for the umpteenth time but soon enough I realised it was a losing battle.
It was just over a year ago now that I was considering going natural and abandoning my chemical lifestyle. That didn’t happen and after applying that poison to my hair once again I vowed I wouldn’t bother to consider the options again.

Well for some strange reason I’ve found myself at that crossroad of a hairy situation seriously considering returning to my roots. Though I fear what they may be like because it’s been nearly a lifetime ago that I altered my natural hair. My husband in true husband style reassures me that I’ll be beautiful no matter what I decide. I’m afraid his sweet talk will remain just that. This is the kind of decision only I can make. I’ve been having a series of conversations in my head and I’m now trying to figure out how much of my concern boils down to plain old vanity.

There are so many amazing products on the market and I can’t help but feel the need to use them. I’m just annoyed with myself for giving this so much thought but it isn’t exactly something which would go unnoticed. I know I’m not alone in this I just wish I didn’t care!


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